Scorpiane – Wobble it

Video Production by Zachary Denman. Music Video for Scorpiane.


Testimonial from Scorpiane
I knew he was the guy who could do the job.  Saw that he had taken pride in his works and that was exactly what I was after. First day of the shoot, he did not give me time to get nervous, made me & others involved in the video feel very comfortable, fun to work with, but kept it professional.  He knew what he was doing but was also open to other idea inputs.  If he did not get the shots he wanted he would go that extra mile to make sure he got those good shots. With this guy you get all three in one, A Director, A Camera  guy and an Editor and he is tops in all three. He knows his craft well.  And for his budget range you can’t go wrong.
Scorpiane Gayle