Music Video Production in London

I am a Producer & Director making Music Videos for Musicians, Bands and Solo Artists.

Making videos look high quality that fit your budget

I have a wealth of experience within all areas of production which has given me full technical understanding on how to work with film and video. I’ve worked as an Camera and Editor for nearly 20 years, originally first cut using Super 8 film. My main focus with Producing / Directing Music Videos is to visually bring the strength of the artist alive and translate it into a visual image working with a concept or fully creating the idea.

Hiring me to make your Music Video

I can create the idea/script and bring your project into production taking it to final edit and getting it seen on the screen. Occasionally I work with teams depending on the scale of the project shooting in various prime film lenses. I like to work closely with Musicians to make sure I translate what they are wanting to say into a visual narrative.  Send me an email with a link to your music or an outline to an idea and lets have a chat over how we can develop it.

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Music Video Showreel

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